EU Not Happy With Biden’s Policy Towards Europe, Nord Stream 2 Sanctions, German Media Says


EU nations have been expressing hope that Washington’s approach to working with its European allies would change with the departure of Donald Trump, blaming him for the deteriorating ties between NATO partners. However, media reports suggest that little has changed, despite Biden’s pledges to the contrary.

Europe, especially Germany, is not happy with the direction the new administration in Washington has been taking with regard to the EU, German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel has stated citing a number of incidents suggesting the strategy involving unilateral actions has not been entirely abandoned by Washington.

According to the newspaper, the US decision to hold an Afghanistan peace conference in Turkey, which was made without consultations with the EU, was the first indication that Biden will follow in the Trump administration’s footsteps when it comes to ties with Europe. The announcement came right ahead of the meeting between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, and Berlin learned about the initiative from the media.

The Afghanistan peace conference might mean that the US is planning to withdraw from the two-decade war after all, while initial signs issued by the Biden administration suggested at least a temporary stay. The latter prompted Berlin to issue a one-year extension to the Bundeswehr troop deployment in Afghanistan amid hopes that the NATO promise “together in, together out” would be fulfilled…

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