UK Daesh Bride Poster Child Shamima Begum’s New Look Sparks Speculations of ‘Sympathy Ploy’

Shamima Begum, formerly a niqab-clad UK teenager who ran away from school to marry a jihad soldier in Syria in 2015, was recently pictured at the Syrian internment camp al-Roj rocking a complete makeover, having ditched the full-length chador gown and black hijab in favour of casual skinny jeans, a hoodie, and a Nike baseball cap.

Shamima Begum, who as a teenager fled Britain at age 15 together with two other east London schoolgirls and travelled to Syria to join the Daesh* (ISIS) terrorist organisation in February 2015 is in the spotlight once again.

The former “Daesh bride” who acknowledged that when she saw her first severed head, “it didn’t faze me at all” has been in the Kurdish-run al-Roj formal internally-displaced person (IDP) and refugee camp in Al-Hasakeh governorate, northeastern Syria, for around two years.

Begum, 21, has been featured in a documentary which aired on Wednesday at the online Texas-based South By Southwest festival.

The Return: Life After ISIS focuses on Begum, along with other Western women, living in varying degrees of statelessness in refugee camps in northern Syria.

In the film, Shamima Begum dressed in traditional Islamic garb such as the hijab; however, in new photos she’s abandoned this look for casual, Western-style outfits, in order to appeal to the British public to give her a “second chance”, writes ITV.

​With straightened hair and trendy sunglasses, the woman who once voiced “no regrets about joining Islamic…

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