Finnish Top Female Politicians Victimised in Social Media Hate Campaign, NATO Report Claims


According to Primie Minister Sanna Marin herself, she has been called “incompetent”, “inexperienced”, and a “cashier girl”, whereas her coalition has been branded the “lipstick government” and the “pantyhose government”. Other insults include “communist quintet” and “Tampax team”.

Finland’s reigning coalition government, where all the five ruling parties are headed by women, has been the subject of a perennial hate speech campaign on social media, the Latvia-based NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (Stratcom) reported.

The report examined, over a period of four months, around 350,000 tweets that were either directly aimed at or discussed 19 Finnish ministers.

The study identified “coordinated online harassment” of Finnish government ministers that includes “massive, hostile attacks” that question their values, decision making and leadership qualities. The report concluded that most of the harassment came from real people and not computer-programmed bots.

Some of the main topics that triggered online abuse were the Covid-19 pandemic, immigration, Finnish-EU relations, and socially-liberal politics. In addition, the report indicated that female ministers may receive misogynistic and sexist insults, regardless of their political stance, citing insults such as “communist quintet” and “Tampax team”.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin commented on the results of the study on Twitter, exemplifying some…

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