US Army Denies Pardoned War Criminal Golsteyn’s Request for Return of His Service Medals


Former US President Donald Trump pardoned several US servicemen who had previously been convicted or accused of committing crimes during their service. The ex-POTUS argued that one cannot expect soldiers trained to be “killing machines” not to kill.

The US Army has denied a request from retired Major Mathew Golsteyn, who was stripped of all his honours over the murder of an Afghan civilian, to have his Distinguished Service Cross and his Special Forces Tab returned to him due to having been pardoned by Donald Trump, USA Today reported. The media outlet cited Army documents, which did not refer to Golsteyn by name, but described his case in detail. The disgraced serviceman’s lawyer confirmed the documents’ authenticity.

The US military board that reviewed the Golsteyn case defended the decision by pointing out that the pardon, issued by then-President Trump in 2019, was a “sign of forgiveness”, but did not mean that the major was “innocent”. This was the second time the board denied Golsteyn’s request.

Golsteyn Slams Board for Purportedly Disobeying POTUS’ Orders

The disgraced serviceman condemned the board’s decision. He claims that Trump vowed that his record would be cleared after the pardon and insists that the Army has thus violated the president’s orders.

The ex-Special Forces soldier further pointed to the fact that the board’s decision was released back in November 2020, but was not mailed to him for over two months. Golsteyn alleged that…

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