Illusive Tranquility: How Protected Do Israelis Feel and Will Security Matter on Election Day?

The feeling of security differs between residents of northern and southern israel. While the former say they are protected from Hezbollah and other regional rivals, the latter feel vulnerable in the face of the Hamas threat, with their pleas for stability largely falling on deaf ears.

For many Israelis, the upcoming polls on 23 March are all about COVID-19 and the economic crisis that it unlocked.

For many others, it is a matter of whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will retain his seat or will finally be replaced by a new leader. 

Illusive Quiet

But for some, the election that will kick off in less than a week is also about security. Tali Dayan, a lawyer who specialises in the representation of victims of acts of hostilities and a resident of Sderot located only one kilometre from the Gaza Strip, says that the current quiet on the border is largely “illusive”.

Israel’s southern communities have been facing the threat of Gazan militants since 2001, when the first mortars and rockets were launched towards them from the Gaza Strip, which is now controlled by Islamic movement Hamas.

Over the years, israel has registered thousands of such launches and although 2020 has been touted by the IDF as one of the safest years in the past decade, with “only” 176 attacks, Dayan is certain it’s only a matter of time until the situation gets out of hand once again.

It is hard to tell when life will return to normal in the Gaza Strip that as of Wednesday registered nearly 3,000…

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