Shamima’s Makeover Don’t Fool Me!

Shamima Begum has had a makeover in her attempt to get back into the UK. It’s a case of the Jihadi bride saying ‘Yes to the dress’ and bye-bye to the Burka!

But I’m sorry, I just don’t believe in the old cliché that clothes maketh the man or woman.

Behind those trendy shades and western clothes don’t forget there is a woman who admitted that “when I saw my first severed head, it didn’t faze me at all.”

She’s also a woman whose last clothing project was stitching Jihadi bombers into their suicide vests.

Well, I’m sorry, I am not signing up to this, ‘I’m a terrorist get me out of here’ view of the world.

Just as an aside, how has she got her hands on the clothes? I thought that one of the reasons she had to come back to plead her case was that she couldn’t attend via Zoom! I’m only half-joking but you get my point.

Has Shamima swapped her allegiance from ISIS* to ASOS?!

Twisted logic

Now we have the bloke who sculptured the Orbit statue for the 2012 London Olympics saying that we as a nation are being racist in not letting her back into the UK because of the colour of her skin.

Yes, mate, we would see them as Terrorists. It’s nothing to do with the colour of their skin.

Warming to his theme the sculptor went on to compare Britain to ‘Soviet Russia’ and described Ms Begum’s treatment as a continuation of “divide and rule” part of “the horror that sustained the British Empire for 200 years.”

Oh, pleeeeeease pass me the…

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