‘Entirely a Lie’: Netanyahu Cousin Sues Exec Over Claims Israeli PM’s Wife Controlled State Affairs

The lawsuit lashes out at an ex-aerospace executive over his allegations that a legal contract signed between Benjamin Netanyahu and his spouse envisaged her being allowed to sign off on appointments of the heads of the Mossad intelligence agency and the Israeli military, among other things.

The Israeli prime minister’s cousin and former attorney David Shimron has lodged a libel lawsuit against a former senior aerospace official who claimed he witnessed clauses of a legal contract between Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara during the PM’s first stint in office.

In a recent video interview, David Arzi, ex-vice president of commercial and civil aviation at israel Aerospace Industries, argued that it was Shimron who allowed Arzi to read the document which allegedly gives Sara sweeping control over core aspects of Israel’s national affairs.

Netanyahu’s cousin noted in court papers that the footage had been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media, adding that Arzi described the Israeli prime minister’s former attorney as “spineless, wretched, a man who weeps bitterly and begs the defendant to act to restore his livelihood”.

Ex-Aerospace Official Elaborates on Netanyahu’s Alleged Contract With Wife

In the video, Arzi insisted that the contract signed by the couple granted Sara Netanyahu far-reaching control over their life and stipulated that she was authorised to sign off on appointments of the heads of the Mossad intelligence agency, the Shin Bet…

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