Bolivian Coup Leader Jeanine Anez Arrested

Jeanine Anez, the leader of a 2019 US-backed Bolivian coup, has been arrested and faces a criminal investigation for terrorism and sedition.

Leo Flores, Latin America coordinator for Code Pink, joins us to talk about Bolivia. The leader of a violent Western-backed coup in Bolivia was found hiding under a bed early Saturday morning and arrested. Jeanine Anez was effectively appointed to lead the country by Western-backed intelligence agencies who engineered a 2019 coup against popular indigenous president Evo Morales. Anez ushered in a regime that used violence and brutality in an attempt to shut down a popular uprising against the foreign-backed takeover of the South American nation. The new democratically-elected government has pledged to investigate the coup and hold those involved accountable.

Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss Ukraine. Significant troop and military equipment moves towards the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine are giving rise to fears that a government offensive is in the offing. Also, Kiev has planned a “Crimean Platform” summit as they push the Russian “annexation” of Crimea as their main foreign policy issue for the current year. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ran on a platform of ending internal hostilities in the impoverished war-torn nation, but recent actions signal that his promises will not be fulfilled. 

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