Indian Shia Leader’s Grave Space Vandalised After He Demands Removal of 26 Verses From Quran

A petition in India’s Supreme Court by Shia Muslim leader Wasim Rizvi has demanded the removal of 26 verses from the Holy Quran over claims that these were introduced to the religious book at a later date and preach violence and terrorism to Muslims across the globe. Shia and Sunni Muslim organisations in India are now up in arms against Rizvi.

The grave space (Hayati Kabr) of former Indian Shia Waqf board Chairman Waseem Rizvi was desecrated by hammer-wielding men in Lucknow city, as backlash against him continued over his petition in the country’s apex Supreme Court demanding the removal of 26 verses from the Holy Quran.

The purchase of space for a grave in a graveyard before death is a rapidly growing practice among many Shia Muslims. The Waqf Board is the custodian of properties on which mosques and other structures overseen by Muslim clergy, including Islamic schools, are built.

​Rizvi has faced massive political and religious backlash over his petition, including from several Muslim leaders from the Jammu and Kashmir unit of India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as the National Conference, another political outfit, over his controversial petition.

On his part, Rizvi has reasoned that the 26 verses were added to the original version and are meant to incite violence among Muslims.

“Have you heard any other international scholar of repute saying that these verses had been added at a later date?” he questioned further.

“He accused these 26…

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