British Authorities Reportedly Start ‘War Crimes’ Probe Against Syrian President’s Wife


Asma Assad, 45, was born in Britain to Syrian parents, and has both Syrian and British citizenship. Since 2012, she has been under European Union sanctions. While her travel to the EU is restricted, she remains able to visit her country of birth.

London’s Metropolitan Police Service has launched a preliminary probe into allegations that Syrian First Lady Asma Assad ‘incited and encouraged terrorist acts’ during the course of the country’s decade-long foreign-backed civil conflict, The Sunday Times reports.

Mrs. Assad is accused by the legal advocacy group Guernica 37 of being one of multiple “influential actors” who encouraged “war crimes” in Syria. Guernica describes itself as an international initiative bringing together “experienced litigators, investigators and other professionals who work to bring perpetrators of international crimes and grave human rights violations to justice”, and has offices in London, Madrid and San Francisco.

While the advocacy touts its work in pursuing criminal investigations in nations and regions including Venezuela, Central America, Syria, Libya, South Asia and West Africa, it has been curiously silent about possible war crimes in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, perpetrated by Western militaries, and the potential impact of the involvement of Western intelligence services and militaries in turning countries like Syria and Libya into failed states.

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