US Air Force Makes Rare Disclosure on Deployment of Mysterious Sentinel Stealth Drones

Few publicly available photographs exist of the mysterious RQ-170 Sentinel, developed by Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works as a stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and nicknamed the “Beast of Kandahar” for its role in the US war in Afghanistan.

The US Air Force recently publicly disclosed the deployment of RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drones, writes The Drive.

The Air Force’s 432nd Wing at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada revealed the deployment of the mysterious, delta wing-shaped stealth drones earlier this week, alongside information relating to a visit to Creech by General Mark Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, and Command Chief Master Sergeant David Wade.

Typically, details pertaining to Lockheed Martin’s advanced unmanned aircraft are scarce and highly classified, even a decade since their existence was revealed.

The 432nd Wing at Creech Air Force Base conducts training and other non-combat operations inside the United States, as well as combat operations overseas.

Remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) are “meeting the needs of combatant commanders today – in both contested and non-contested environments,” added Air Force Colonel Stephen Jones, the Wing’s commander, in a statement.

No further clarification was offered regarding where the RQ-170s had deployed or when.

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