‘Black Book’: Hitler Had Hit List of 3,000 Brits to Round Up After UK Invasion, Author Reveals


The Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, had a plan for the invasion of the United Kingdom called Operation Sea Lion, which would push for both air and naval superiority for Nazi Germany in the English channel. New details of the failed plan have come to light.

Author Sybil Oldfield, in a new book titled “The Black Book: The Britons on the Nazi List”, revealed a so-called Black Book of Nazi Germany that included the names of over 3,000 prominent British subjects who would be rounded up after Hitler invaded the United Kingdom.

According to the book, those from the list were to be placed under house arrest or thrown into “newly constructed camps”, or could face an even worse fate.

SS Col. Franz Six, a professor tasked with leading the elimination of any opposition to the Nazis in Britain, was greenlighted to “set up Einsatzgruppen [paramilitary SS death squads]… as the situation dictates and the necessity arises”, Oldfield says.

The “Black Book”, according to the author, was compiled under the oversight of SS Col. Walter Schellenberg, beginning in 1937. According to the Nazi book, “almost the whole of Britain was really controlled by very rich, assimilated British Jews,” and complained that Jews in the media promoted “anti-German influence.”

The tome served as both a “handbook” for troops occupying the UK while also containing names of people subject to arrest.

Among those included in the blacklist were Winston Churchill, then-UK Prime…

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