US Navy to Continue Confronting China at Sea Despite Concerns Over Beijing’s Growing Military Might


The Pentagon earlier released a report saying that China had managed to achieve “parity with or even exceeded” the US in several key defence industry areas, including shipbuilding and missile manufacturing. The report comes as Washington continues its military patrols in waters that Beijing feels is part of the country.

The US Navy is concerned by the Chinese Navy’s growth in “both capacity and capability”, but, regardless, the American fleet will continue to carry out operations in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, which Beijing considers a part of its territory, US Navy Assistant Chief of Information Commander Courtney Hillson said.

The concerns Hillson referred to are likely connected to a recent report by the Pentagon underscoring the significant boost the Chinese defence industry has experieced over the last few years. According to the Department of Defence, China “has already achieved parity with or even exceeded” the US in several defence industry spheres, such as shipbuilding, manufacturing of cruise and land-based missiles, as well as air defences.

US ‘Provocations’ in South China Sea

Washington routinely sends its warships to the South China Sea under the pretext of carrying out “freedom of navigation” operations, claiming that Beijing limits the passage of other countries’ vessels through the waters. At the same time, the US continues to ignore objections from China, who warned that such provocations might one day result in an…

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