US Air Force’s NGAD System Aims to Widen Tech Gap With China’s Military Amid Troubled F-35 Programme

The news comes amid a major tech race between Washington and Beijing, fuelled by the ongoing US trade war on China. Numerous sources have found strengths and weaknesses in both advanced military programmes, experts speaking to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) said on Tuesday.

Advancements in the US Air Force could force China to boost plans for next-generation aircraft, experts in China have said as quoted by the SCMP.

Chinese aerospace designers were monitoring US developments on the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) programme, a military source familiar said in the report.

What is The NGAD System?

The US NGAD system aims to build a network of advanced aircraft and technologies, including weapons, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous drones working together.

A second advanced programme, the Navy’s Boeing F/A-XX, will develop advanced fighter jets on aircraft carriers to replace its Northop Grumann F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Jets, the SCMP said, citing a US Air Superiority 2030 Flight Plan.

But senior officials urged in late February to field the NGAD programme before China to remain ahead in the tech race.

He added the US should “keep our narrative up” and reiterate the “unambiguous benefit we’ve had as a nation to have that leading-edge technology ensuring we have air superiority for the nation and the joint force”.

What Do the Chinese Think of NGAD?

According to Chinese military expert Zhou Chenming, Chinese aerospace designers would welcome the…

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