China Wins in the End: Turkey Warns US About Unforeseen Consequences of Pressure Over S-400 Purchase

Relations between Washington and Ankara started to deteriorate after the latter signed a contract with Russia to buy several S-400 air defence systems at the end of 2017. Turkey repeatedly stressed that the decision was a matter of national security, but it did not stop the US from slapping sanctions on the country.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has stated in an interview with Bloomberg that Washington’s confrontation with Ankara over the purchase of Russian air defence systems might bring about unexpected and unpleasant results for the US.

He brought up the recent example of the US blocking the export of aircraft engines to Turkey required as a part of Ankara’s contract to sell 30 ATAK attack helicopters to Pakistan. The presidential spokesman linked Washington’s decision to the bilateral row over the S-400s. Now, Pakistan’s contract for the purchase of attack helicopters is likely to be awarded to China instead of Turkey, Kalin indicated.

Ibrahim Kalin went on to note that Turkey and the US can cooperate in a “very constructive way”, empowering each other and jointly addressing common issues. The spokesperson stressed “Turkey’s geopolitical location” and standing in NATO, but added that cooperation with Washington will only be possible if the latter respects Ankara’s interests, including in terms of national security.

By Washington’s Own Admission S-400 Issues Not Technical, But Political

The presidential spokesman recalled that the US originally claimed…

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