Pentagon Took Over 3 Hours to OK Deployment of National Guard to Capitol Riot, DC Commander Reveals


As thousands of Trump loyalists stormed the Capitol on January 6 in a bid to halt the certification of the Electoral College results, dozens of DC National Guard troops were forced to remain on standby, despite the disturbing events that were unfolding. The hourslong delay has largely been blamed on failed communication among senior leadership.

The US Department of Defense took more than three hours to approve a deployment of the DC National Guard to the deadly riot at the US Capitol, the commanding general of the DC unit revealed during a Wednesday hearing.

Maj. Gen. William Walker told senators at a congressional hearing that it took officials at the Pentagon approximately 3 hours and 19 minutes to issue a required approval from then-acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller.

“At 1:49 p.m. I received a frantic call from then-Chief of US Capitol Police, Steven Sund, where he informed me that the security perimeter at the Capitol had been breached by hostile rioters,” Walker told the Senate Homeland and Rules committees in a joint hearing. 

“Chief Sund, his voice cracking with emotion, indicated that there was a dire emergency on Capitol Hill and requested the immediate assistance of as many Guardsmen as I could muster.”

Awaiting the approval, Walker told lawmakers that he had ordered National Guard troops onto buses so that the unit would be ready to move out at a moment’s notice. Once the permission was given, forces arrived at the scene…

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