US General Calls Moscow ‘Existential Threat’, Claims Russia, China Engaged In ‘Nefarious Activities’

In its first month in office, the Biden administration has taken a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach to Russia, renewing a key treaty limiting the size of US and Russian strategic arsenals, while simultaneously accusing Moscow of trying to “undermine” America and to “weaken the European project and our NATO alliance”.

The current period is a time of great power competition, and both Russia and China pose a serious threat to US interests and security, Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of US European Command, has indicated.

“Russia remains an enduring existential threat to the United States and our European allies,” Wolters said, speaking at the Air Force Association’s Aerospace Warfare Symposium on Wednesday.

‘Malign Activities’

Accusing Moscow of engaging in “destabilising and malign activities across the globe,” Wolters claimed Russia is trying to maintain its Soviet-era sphere of influence by “coercing” neighbours and, more broadly, using ‘unconventional tools’ to ‘intimidate, weaken and divide US allies and partners’.

Russia and China also pose a major threat to the Western alliance in the Arctic, according to the commander. “Russia [is] an Arctic nation and China – having declared itself a near-Arctic power – has continued to militarise the region and seeks to establish economic footholds to gain influence over regional governance,” he said.

According to Wolters, Russian and Chinese actions “illustrate the importance” of the EUCOM…

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