Those who sit with Ajmal, can they stop infiltration: Shah

UNION HOME Minister Amit Shah on Thursday slammed the opposition Congress, claiming that it joined forces with Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF in Assam because of its “lust for power”. He also said that two new regional parties, which tied up recently for the upcoming polls, were formed by “andolanjeevis” to help the Congress by cutting the ruling BJP’s votes.

He said only a BJP-led government can make Assam free of corruption, protests and infiltrators, and promised to bring to an end the menace of heavy floods in the state every year.

Addressing a rally in Nagaon district, Shah said, “The Congress is seen only when there are elections. Otherwise, they are indulging in merriment in Delhi. Moreover, in this election, an unique thing is being seen. Those who do ‘andolans’ have come up with new names to help that Congress party, which had fired at and killed Assamese youth during the Assam movement, win elections … Their aim is to help the Congress win… They know they can’t form the government — but it is very sad that they are helping the Congress by trying to cut the BJP’s votes.”

Shah continued, “Those who sit with Ajmal, can they stop infiltration?… Can they save the rhinos of Assam from being poached?… To win Assam elections, you will come with Badruddin Ajmal and you dare to talk of saving Assam?”

“The Congress talks about providing security when it is joining hands with Ajmal. It’s only because of its lust for power…

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