As Egypt Marks 1st Anniversary Since Hosni Mubarak’s Death, Ex-Diplomat Says His Legacy Will Live On

Mubarak will always be remembered for the efforts he exerted in the modernisation of Egypt, for the infrastructure he built and for the stability he ensured. But his 30-year rule was too long for Egyptians to swallow, especially as it was marked with corruption, shady deals and the uneven distribution of resources.

Thursday marks the first anniversary since the passing away of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

A year ago, the body of the 91-year old former leader was transported from a mosque on the outskirts of Cairo to the family cemetery and from there it was pulled by horse-drawn carriages alongside a procession led by his two sons and the current Egyptian President Abdul Fattah A-Sisi.

In his last journey, Mubarak received full military honours. Even now, a year after his death, many Egyptians speak of their former president with respect, enumerating the various things he has done for the country.

Man of Great Achievements 

Hussein Hareedy, a former Egyptian diplomat who has known Mubarak for 30 years and who had accompanied the ex-president on a number or foreign trips, says the legacy of Mubarak can hardly be underestimated.

In 1973, during the October War, when Egyptian and Syrian forces attacked israel in a bid to reconquer territory that had been captured by the Jewish state in 1967, Mubarak served as the commanding officer of Egypt’s air force and played a pivotal role in his military’s achievements.

But that was only one of his big achievements. Soon…

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