Who’s Interfering With Whom? New Documents Highlight Rank UK Hypocrisy Towards Russia

Leaked documents have revealed that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO) has been sponsoring a co-ordinated campaign (including through the media) with the clear aim of undermining Russia. The double standards are off the scale.

Projection. It’s the term psychologists use to describe when people accuse others of doing the very same thing they themselves are guilty of. It can occur on a personal level (think of the ’Inside the Tenters’ who accuse others of ‘trolling’ them on Twitter while they spend most of their time online attacking and denigrating others), and on an international level too.

By any objective assessment, two of the worst culprits for projection are Britain and America. They routinely accuse others (usually Russia), of interfering in their ‘democracies’ while at the same time they seem to think they have a right to interfere with total impunity in the affairs of other sovereign states. And by that I don’t just mean illegally invading those countries (as in the case of Iraq), or bombing them (think Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria) to try and effect ‘regime change‘. Or even funding anti-government ‘rebels’ as in Syria.

Remember how we heard the tape of the State Department’s Victoria Nuland discussing with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt who shouldn’t be in the new ‘democratic‘ Ukrainian government in 2014?

That should have been front page news around the world, but it wasn’t. If it had been a tape of Russian…

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