US, Israel Reportedly to Convene Panel to Negotiate Iranian Nuclear Deal

Recently Iran has been steadily deconstructing the remains of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), abandoned by the US in 2018, but Iranian leaders have stressed that these moves are reversible if Washington shows the seriousness of its intention to revive the nuclear agreement by removing tough sanctions.

Washington and Tel Aviv are set to summon a strategic group to work on Iran’s nuclear agreement, Axios reported on Wednesday.

The group, first organized in 2009 by the administration of US President Barack Obama, would be run by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Israeli Chief of Staff for National Security Meir Ben-Shabbat.

While the new US administration showed its aspirations to negotiate the possibility of the JCPOA’s reconstruction, Tel Aviv has regularly expressed its distrust of the nuclear deal, claiming that the “old agreement” could help Iran create “nucleal arsenal”. On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that israel “will do everything” to prevent the Islamic republic from constructing nuclear weapons.

Tel Aviv is reportedly seeking another format for an agreement that would more widely restrict Iran’s nuclear program and military power. As Israel’s Channel 12 reported in January, Tel Aviv was interested in “an improved and long-term nuclear deal” that include articles on the Iranian ballistic missile program and Tehran’s activity in the Middle East, sometimes defined by Tel-Aviv as…

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