Twitter Accused of ‘Double Standards’ in Issuing Warning Over Story on Secret UK Foreign Office Docs


The social media giant has once again come under fire for its role in quasi-censoring material deemed to be critical of certain establishment positions, bringing to mind the platform’s initial refusal to allow people to share an alleged corruption scandal involving Hunter Biden in 2020.

Twitter has issued a warning in relation to a story about documents obtained from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), revealing a vast propaganda and psyops network aimed at “isolating” and “destabilising” the Russian government.

The warning, which reads “These materials may have been obtained through hacking”, can be seen on any tweet sharing the story from The Grayzone independent media outlet, which, along with investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg via RT, published a detailed exposé on the revelations.

When a Twitter user attempted to “like” or retweet the article, an ever bigger message filled the person’s screen with the same warning:

However, since the outbreak of criticism via the social media platform, and elsewhere, this additional warning appears to have been removed, allowing users – at least those based in the UK – to like or retweet posts to the article without having to see the message a second time. 

The social media site was replete with astonishment and outrage over their quasi-censorship of the story which critics say is designed to ward people off from clicking on it or sharing…

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