As Israel Tackles Biggest Oil Spill in Recent Years, Expert Says The Cleanup Will Be Challenging

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Although the maritime ecosystem is likely to heal itself, thousands of activists, who took to the shores to assist in the cleaning efforts, will probably face a number of health conditions that could include serious respiratory problems.

Cleanup efforts continue on Israeli beaches and shores as the nation is struggling to collect the tar allegedly spilled from one of the vessels over the weekend.

Big Disaster 

The incident has already been touted as Israel’s biggest ecological disaster in recent years, and Prof. Mindy Levine from the department of Chemical Sciences at Ariel University, who researched the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, says the event has been relatively big.

Thousands of volunteers, activists and even IDF troops took to the beaches across israel to step up the cleanup efforts, removing the emissions of tar, collecting dead animals and assisting those that could still be saved.

Authorities have already warned that the cleanup operation might take weeks or months and that the swim season — that usually opens in the end of May — might be delayed until all of the tar is collected.

The problem, says Levine, is that the collection of that tar might become a serious challenge.

The practical meaning of this is that Israelis, who will take to the beaches during the spring and the summer, might be exposed to potential health hazards, while those who have been collecting the tar over…

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