‘If You Attack Our Cities We’ll Attack Yours’, Hezbollah Warns Amid Massive Israeli Air Force Drills

Middle East

The Israeli Air Force carried out 60 hours of exercises ending Tuesday. The drills involved some 85 percent of all Air Force personnel, and simulated attacks against more than 3,000 Hezbollah targets, as well as Lebanese civilian infrastructure, in response to a hypothetical Hezbollah attack on an IAF plane.

Hezbollah is not interested in starting a conflict with Israel, but will resort to a fiery response if attacked, Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese militia and political movement’s secretary-general, has warned.

“Should war erupt, Israelis will see events they haven’t witnessed since Israel’s inception. So, stop playing with fire. We are in the Resistance Era,” Nasrallah added.

The Hezbollah chief’s comments came after the wrap-up of 60 straight hours-worth of drills by the Israeli Air Force, with the exercises, dubbed the ‘Galilee Rose’ taking place between Sunday and Tuesday, and involving about 85 percent of the IAF’s personnel, including pilots, technicians, and reservists. The drills were based on the premise of a hypothetical Hezbollah missile attack on an IAF fighter, and invoked shock and awe-style attacks on targets in Lebanon, including bridges, power plants and airports. The drills also included training for concentrated strikes on over 3,000 Hezbollah targets over a 24 hour window, and air defence training against Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israeli military bases and…

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