Israel Warns It May Go Separate Ways With US on Iran if Biden Returns to Nuclear Deal

The Biden administration has hinted its willingness to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement, pending Iranian compliance with its terms, including a dramatic reduction in its uranium enrichment activities. Tehran insists Washington must drop its illegal sanctions first.

israel and the United States will go separate ways on Iran policy if the Biden administration returns to the nuclear deal as is, Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, has indicated.

“We will not be able to be part of such a process if the new administration returns to that deal,” Erdan said, speaking to Israel’s Army Radio on Tuesday.

israel successfully lobbied the Trump administration to pull out of the JCPOA in 2018, with Washington restoring crushing sanctions against the Islamic Republic and escalating other forms of pressure. Iran first urged the deal’s remaining signatories to come up with a mechanism by which the sanctions pressure could be lessened, and, when that failed, began to increase its uranium enrichment activities beyond limits outlined in the JCPOA.

In January, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran announced that it had started enriching uranium to 20 percent at its Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant, beyond the 3.67 percent limit outlined in the JCPOA. This level is still far below the 90 percent enrichment required for uranium to be considered weapons-grade.

Iran maintains that it has no intention of creating a nuclear bomb, or…

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