Iranian Army: Suspect in Scientist’s Killing Kicked Out of Boot Camp for ‘Moral Problems, Addiction’

On Monday, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi announced that Iran had exposed “the main perpetrator” of the November 2020 assassination of prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, describing him as a “fired employee of the Armed Forces.”

The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has issued a statement indicating that the individual charged in connection with the Fakhrizadeh killing was not a former employee of the military.

The military stressed that individuals undergoing training are not considered to be employees of the armed forces, and that the suspect’s expulsion from service means that he “has no military identity,” meaning that any crimes he may have committed are under the purview of the Ministry of Intelligence.

“Society is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Intelligence, so it was expected that the Minister of Intelligence would be more careful in his live statements to the media, so as not to provide justifications to the criminal enemies of Iran, such as the US and the fake Zionist regime,” the statement emphasized.

“After Fakhrizadeh was killed, the Zionists attempted to carry out additional acts of terrorism and evil in the country, including more assassinations. These attempts were found out and foiled by Iranian intelligence,” Alavi said.

Israeli media spun the minister’s comments to make it seem as though he discounted alleged Israeli involvement in Fakhrizadeh’s death altogether, with The Jerusalem…

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