Chinese troops pull back from Pangong north, south banks

DAYS AFTER Indian and Chinese troops started the process of disengagement in a “phased, coordinated and verified manner”, the Indian Army on Tuesday released video clips and photographs of Chinese troops withdrawing from the Pangong Tso area.

Sources said the visuals were from the north bank of the Pangong Tso, and the Kailash Range area on the lake’s south bank.

The video clips — five in all — and photographs show the Chinese troops dismantling bunkers and temporary fortifications made of stone, both manually and with JCB excavators.

One video clip shows Chinese troops dismantling tents on a hillside. Another shows them dismantling tents and trudging down a mountain slope.

A third clip shows a large formation of Chinese troops walking down a hillside, towards trucks waiting to transport them to rear areas. Another clip shows PLA vehicles assembled at the base of a hill, and driving away with troops, raising a cloud of dust.

A fifth clip shows before and after visuals of an area from where Chinese troops are withdrawing, showing visible reduction in the number of troops.

The still photographs show Chinese troops dismantling bunkers, removing corrugated tin sheets, and carrying away portable generators. The photographs also show JCB excavators levelling the ground at a place where fortifications had been built.

According to the agreement reached between the Indian and Chinese military commanders, both sides have to restore all land form to as it…

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