Boris Johnson Says US Democracy is ‘Strong’ After Trump Impeachment ‘Kerfuffle’

The second impeachment trial against Donald Trump came to an end on 13 February after only 57 US Senators voted to convict the ex-president. A 2/3 majority of the 100-seat upper chamber had been needed to find Trump guilty of “incitement of insurrection” over the Capitol building storming on 6 January. Trump dubbed the trial a “witch hunt”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has praised American democracy as “strong” following the second impeachment trial against US ex-president Donald Trump that had resulted in his acquittal on Saturday.

Speaking to CBS’s Face the Nation the next day, Johnson refrained from congratulating the former president following the result of the trial, and didn’t draw attention to the fact that 57 senators – including seven Republicans – had voted to convict Trump for inciting “insurrection” in Washington on 6 January.

When asked to comment on the result of impeachment vote, Johnson simply complimented American constitution – but still pointed out that the whole trial was quite a bustle.

Johnson then went on to say that he was happy now to have a solid base in his relationship with the Biden administration and “fantastic” conversations with the new US President on key topics on which he and Trump had quite diverse opinions – the status of Iran in the global community, the role of NATO, and global climate change.

“And we’re delighted now, I’m very delighted, to have a good relationship with the White House, which is an…

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