Israel Will Face ‘Toughest Response’ If It Crosses ‘Red Lines’ in Syria, Iran Warns

Middle East

Over the past few years, israel has reportedly carried out a number of airstrikes on Syria, which Tel Aviv says are aimed at countering the alleged Iranian military presence in the Arab republic. Damascus condemns such attacks as violations of Syria’s national sovereignty.

Ali Asghar Khaji, a senior aide to the Iranian Foreign Minister, has warned israel against crossing “red lines” in Syria, in an apparent reference to the Jewish state’s alleged ongoing air raids on Syrian soil.

The diplomat described “the nature of the Zionist entity” as “aggressive and hostile towards the region, the Palestinians, and neighboring countries”.

Syria Pens Letters to UN Over Alleged Israeli Attack on Hama

The statement comes a few weeks after the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent letters to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Security Council, and the UN Human Rights Council in the wake of the latest alleged Israeli air attack on the war-torn country.

According to the Ministry, last month’s airstrike was one of over fifty attacks carried out in the space of less than a year, with other strikes also purportedly claiming the lives of civilians and destroying their property. These ongoing strikes are a “clear violation” of Syrians’ human rights and of international law, and an attack against Syrians’ right to live in peace and security, Damascus stressed.

Syria Shouldn’t Be Turned Into Battlefield for Israel and…

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