DoJ Reveals Militia Leader Was ‘Awaiting Direction’ From Trump Ahead of Capitol Riot


Since the deadly storming of the US Capitol building by Trump loyalists, federal authorities have brought multiple charges against rioters, many of whom remain behind bars over concerns they may incite additional violent actions against the government.

Federal prosecutors revealed in a Thursday court filing that Jessica Watkins, a Ohio militia leader, was “awaiting direction” from former US President Donald Trump in the days leading up to the deadly Capitol riot.

A military veteran who is a “dues-paying member of the Oath Keepers,” Watkins is alleged to be the commanding officer of the non-official Ohio State Regular Militia, a local organization whose members make up a subset of the Oath Keepers group, according to the filing.

In one message included in the filing, Watkins tells a recruit that they’re needed “fighting fit by innaugeration [sic]” while telling another member that “the rest of us will be training with [recruits] to get us all field-ready before inauguration.”

However, as Inauguration Day drew nearer, the military veteran indicated that she was “awaiting direction” from Trump before taking action over the latter’s claims of a stolen election. She noted in a November 9 text message that she was growing increasingly concerned that “this is an elaborate trap.”

Additional messages exchanged with others revealed that plans were in place for some members to remain outside of the nation’s capital and serve as…

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  1. Another ‘Trump speaks in code’ canard.

    Attempting to remove the ex-president from an office he does not hold for incitements he did not make to an insurrection that was not attempted, Trump’s enemies show an obsessive irrationality.

    Trump will be acquitted.

    ROTFLMAO at this Einstein definition of insanity!!!


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