As Israeli Media Blames Ultra-Orthodox for COVID-19 Spread, Journalist Says They’ve Become Easy Prey

One journalist believes that the majority of the Haredi public is adhering to the rules, with only 10 percent breaking the regulations, motivated by their ideology or as a protest against the Israeli government’s inconsistent policy and its allegedly biased attitude against the Ultra-Orthodox community.

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox community has become used to attacks of the country’s media, which has blamed the Haredis, who make up some 12.6 percent of the total population, for the Jewish state’s multiple woes.

They have been accused of not studying enough, of not working, of not serving in the army, and of getting concessions and benefits that ordinary Israelis do not have.

Now they are also accused of “spreading diseases” and of becoming a significant factor that contributed to the spread of COVID-19 in israel.

No Smoke Without Fire?

The attacks on the Haredis have not been entirely ungrounded. In recent weeks, cities with large Ultra-Orthodox populations have continued to lead when it comes to active coronavirus cases, whereas the Israeli media has documented a number of incidents showing that Ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods were operating their religious schools as normal, despite a ban by the government. 

Others registered mass funerals, where thousands of people were crammed without observing social distancing or wearing face masks.

Yanki Farber, a Haredi journalist working for Bechadrei Charedim, one of Israel’s leading news outlets associated with the Ultra-Orthodox…

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