US Troops Not Involved in Guarding Syria’s Stolen Oil, Pentagon Says

Middle East

In 2019, the US redeployed troops from the Syrian-Turkish border into the war-torn country’s interior, with President Donald Trump admitting freely that the forces were assigned to “take the oil.” Russia estimates that the Pentagon, the CIA, contractors and Kurdish militias make over $30 million a month smuggling the stolen oil out of the country.

The US military presence in northeast Syria is aimed at ensuring the “enduring defeat” of the Daesh (ISIS)* terrorists, and they are not involved in exploiting the region’s oil resources, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has announced.

Kirby clarified that the US has about 900 troops in Syria at the moment, with their numbers fluctuating “daily due to operational requirements.”

Kirby also claimed that the US mission in Syria “remains to enable the enduring defeat of ISIS, and US service members that are there are supporting the ‘defeat ISIS’ mission in Syria, that’s what they’re there for, and they’re working in conjunction with local partner forces in the northeast part of that country.”

The vast majority of Syria’s oil and gas wealth is concentrated in the country’s northeast, and is now outside the control of the Damascus government, which desperately needs oil revenues to rebuild from a devastating foreign-backed civil conflict. Before the war, Syria was able to use its modest oil reserves to ensure its energy self-sufficiency, and…

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