Neighbours Lose Lawsuit Against National Memorial to Anders Breivik’s Victims


The monument honouring the victims of terrorist Anders Behring Breivik consisting of 77 three-metre-high bronze columns standing in an arch formation has long triggered protests from locals.

The Ringerike District Court has acquitted the state and the Labour Party’s youth wing (AUF) in a lawsuit from neighbours over the construction of a national Utøya memorial in commemoration of the victims of Anders Breivik’s killing spree on 22 July 2011, national broadcaster NRK reported.

This marks an end to the emotional trial that for many evoked painful memories. Justifying why the locals lost, the District Court wrote: “According to the court’s assessment of the case, the considerations that argue for establishing a memorial site on Utøya quay have greater weight than the negative effects of the memorial site for the plaintiffs”.

At the same time, the locals will be spared legal costs due to the very special prehistory of the case and lack of precedents.

The spokesperson for the plaintiffs voiced their displeasure with the decision.

By contrast, the Labour Party’s youth wing greeted the ruling with pleasure.

“Victory for AUF and the state in the lawsuit about the memorial site at Utøya quay. It means a lot to many people. Now I hope that there will be calm around the matter and that we can soon have a national memorial in place”, AUF deputy leader Gaute Skjervø tweeted.

​The way to honouring the victims of Anders Breivik’s massacre…

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