Iran’s Intelligence Minister Reveals Circumstance Under Which Tehran Would Pursue Nukes

Middle East

The Islamic Republic has long maintained that it has no intention of pursuing nuclear weapons, or weapons of mass destruction of any kind, and has repeatedly demanded that the United States and Israel dismantle their large stocks of WMDs.

Iran’s nuclear programme is strictly peaceful and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s fatwa (religious ruling) banning the creation of nukes remains in force, but the nation’s non-nuclear future cannot be guaranteed so long as the West continues to try to “corner” Iran, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has warned.

“Our nuclear programme is peaceful and the fatwa issued by the Supreme Leader has forbidden nuclear weapons, but if they push Iran in that direction, it would be the fault of those who pushed, not Iran’s”, he added.

Alavi also indicated that his ministry has been kept abreast of US plans to carry out military strikes against Iran to compensate for Washington’s “defeat” in the economic war with Tehran. According to the official, Iranian actions, including the 2019 shoot-down of a US stealth drone by a cutting-edge Iranian-made air defence missile, and the recent testing of a long-range Iranian ballistic missile against a moving target in Indian Ocean waters 1,800 km away, have forced the Pentagon to think twice about launching any military operations.

Iron-Clad Fatwa

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons…

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