Denmark Reconsidering Cooperation With Australian Elite Soldiers After Reports of Killings, Torture

A shocking internal report, based on statements from witnesses, documents, and photos, described extrajudicial killings and a general “toxic warrior culture” within the Australian Special Air Service (SAS) and threatens to undermine the country’s international collaboration.

Accounts of murder, execution of prisoners of war, and torture committed by Australian elite soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq have spurred the Danish military to reconsider its collaboration with the Australian unit.

The shocking 531-page report issued by the Australian Defence Forces in November 2020 based on statements from 423 witnesses, 20,000 documents, and 25,000 photos described a “toxic warrior culture” within the Special Air Service (SAS) and may have repercussions for the country’s international collaboration. The report also included recommendations to remedy the situation.

Among others, the Huntsman and Frogman Corps, the Danish counterpart of the Australian unit in question, will review joint drills planned for 2021, Major General Peter Boysen of the Special Forces Command in Aalborg told Danish Radio. Boysen specifically pledged to “look between the seams” at the collaboration initiatives with the Australians. “When you get such a report, you have to see what kind of collaboration you have”, Boysen said.

According to Boysen, Australia has terrain and climate similar to those in Iraq and Afghanistan and is therefore extremely suitable for training desert warriors. In…

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  1. In any and all military conflict there will be some thing called torture or abuse, that’s just human nature and that’s the way the military work. The only difference is certain people get caught!


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