Dems Are Pushing New Domestic Terrorism Law Amid Trump Impeachment Fuss

As Donald Trump impeachment trial over the alleged “incitement of insurrection” is set to begin the week of 8 February, the hashtag #NeverForgetJanuary6th went trendy on Twitter on Sunday with a chorus of left-leaning media, Democratic entities, and users ramping up the rhetoric against the Capitol protesters.

The 6 January protests at Capitol Hill have become the centrepiece of the Democratic Party’s second impeachment case against Donald Trump. In the immediate aftermath of the Capitol breach, House Democrats introduced the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA) on 19 January, arguing about the need to crack down on home grown extremists. For its part, the Department of Homeland Security issued its first-ever national terrorism bulletin on 27 January warning about the looming threat of violent domestic extremism supposedly emboldened by the DC riots.

Who Benefits from Ramping Up the Rhetoric?

While the DC incident has already been instrumentalised to impeach Donald Trump and possibly ban him from ever holding public office again, it appears that “the already panoptic surveillance state in the US” is also going to benefit from the unfolding situation by further curtailing the civil liberties of Americans, warns the journalist.

​The newly proposed DTPA legislation seems to be an excessive measure given that since 9/11, “the US has already been transformed into a domestic police state where the privacy of law-abiding citizens is routinely violated” under the USA…

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