MH370 Disappearance Could be ‘Linked to US-Attended Military Exercises,’ Author Claims

Because the airliner’s signals “faded in stages,” the journalist argues that it might’ve been caused by interference by “an AWACS plane which can throw a blanket around an aircraft to block out its signals.”

Nearly seven years after the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, investigative journalist Florence de Changy has highlighted a number of circumstances which may shed light on the mystery.

Citing de Changy’s new book The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370, the Daily Express notes that Matthias Chang, a former advisor to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, told the author that two “major military training exercises” were taking place “in the area where MH370 went missing, right about the same time” – Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger. He says the US was taking part in both.

And while the author questions why these regional partners didn’t coordinate to help find the plane, Chang is quoted in the book as saying “ironically, the theme of the 2014 Cope Tiger exercise was search and rescue,” the newspaper adds.

According to Sarawak Report, de Changy points at a possible explanation for how the airliner could’ve vanished from radar and stopped emitting signals like it did at the time of its disappearance. She explains that the plane’s signals “faded in stages,” which may indicate “interference, most likely by an AWACS plane which can throw a blanket around an aircraft to block out its…

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