German Company to Clear Beirut Port of Hazardous Materials Kept in Containers for Years

The explosion of an ammonium nitrate fertilizer stockpile on August 4, which had been left to haphazardly gather dust in the port of Beirut for years, killed more than 200 people, injured at least 6,500 others and destroyed hundreds of the capital’s buildings.

German heavy-lift manufacturing company CombiLift has handled 52 hazardous material containers at the port of Beirut, Lebanon and will ship them from the country, the German ambassador said on Saturday.

On Twitter, Andreas Kindl posted that CombiLift “has treated 52 containers of hazardous and dangerous chemical material that had been accumulated over decades and were a threat to the people in Beirut.”

The explosion has triggered some sensible worrying about remaining shipments of toxic chemicals that are still being stored at the port near the blast site.​ In November, the government signed a contract for clearing containers carrying such chemicals with CombiLift, which was already operating at the port.

Kindl added that the German government provided more than 2 million euros to the Lebanese Army to rebuild its naval base destroyed in the blast, noting, however, that much still needs to be done in the port despite the fact that many months have passed since the tragedy.

The country’s officials stated at the time that containers storing corrosive acids had been standing for over a decade in an open-air cargo zone under the control of the customs authority of Lebanon. 

Lebanese authorities have said that, as…

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