Ex-US Capitol Police Chief: ‘Entire Intel Community Seems to Have Missed’ Preparations for Riot


On 6 January, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 3 November presidential election. The attack claimed the lives of at least five people, also resulting in widespread damage and vandalism.

American intelligence services failed to assess the situation and anticipate the violents events in Washington, DC, on 6 January, Steven Sund, former chief of the US Capitol Police, has claimed.

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a copy of which was obtained by CNN, Sund pointed the finger at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Secret Service, as well as Department of Homeland Security and the DC Metropolitan Police Department for failing to predict an “armed assault” on the Capitol.

Sund wrote that minutes after the rioters arrived at the western part of the Capitol, it was clear to him that the “situation was deteriorating rapidly” and that his agency didn’t have the resources it needed to provide adequate security for the Capitol without outside agency support.

At the same time, he underlined that he doesn’t believe “the US Capitol Police (USCP) failed”, adding, “greatly outnumbered and against tremendous odds, they [the police officers] kept the members [of Congress] safe”.

Sund also pointed out that he had asked two of his supervisors, appointed by Congress, for more help before the 6 January pro-Trump rally and that they said “no”. 

Referring to the rioters, the ex-USCP…

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