‘Treated as Member of Al-Qaeda’: Fox’s Carlson Faults Bank of America on Leaking Client Info to FBI


Law enforcement has been using various footage from social media to identify pro-Trump protesters, who stormed the Capitol building on 6 January. However, according to the Fox News’ anchor, the FBI has also decided to comb through BoA’s transactions for the same purpose.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has slammed the Bank of America for allegedly transferring the data on over 200 of its clients’ transactions to the FBI for the probe looking to identify the 6 January Capitol rioters and those who could potentially take part in unrest ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January.

Carlson cited data obtained anonymously as saying that under the request from the FBI the BoA, the nation’s second-biggest bank, combed through the accounts and the transactions of its American clients looking for matches to a set of criteria provided by the bureau. The bank reportedly then handed over the results to the FBI without notifying the affected clients.

Carlson slammed the alleged search parameters as “remarkably broad” suggesting that the search result included a lot of people, who had nothing to do with the siege of the Capitol on 6 January. And, apparently, the 211 clients, the BoA reportedly identified as matching the criteria, might be summoned by the FBI for questioning and will be “treated like member[s] of al-Qaeda*” due to the bank’s actions, Carlson noted.

According to the Fox News host, at least one person, who Carlson did not identify, from the…

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