Swedish Preschool Linked to Violent Extremism Amid Rising Islamist Threat

In the words of Magnus Ranstorp, one of Sweden’s leading terrorism experts, radical Islamists have “put a lot of gunpowder” on school activities in particular in a bid to influence young people and isolate them from secular society.

An independent preschool in Gothenburg called Snödroppen (“Snowflake”) has been revealed to have links to violent extremism and individuals deemed to constitute a threat to the country. Now the municipality is demanding that the preschool replace its management board or face closure.

“If they in principle don’t replace the entire board and the principal, they cannot continue to run the business”, Amanda Larsson of the Gothenburg preschool board told the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

According to an investigation by the Swedish Security Police (Säpo), Snowflake’s leadership has a clear connection to the so-called School of Science, a school in northeast Gothenburg whose permit was withdrawn in December 2019, when an individual on its board was identified by Säpo as a radical Islamist and a threat to Sweden’s security.

Snowflake has been in operation since 2011, when it first received a permit. Until the autumn of 2018, a man in his 40s was its chairman of the board. When he stepped down, his wife, who is in her 30s, took over, Göteborgs-Posten reported.

Despite the man no longer being the principal, according to the investigation, he is still connected to the preschool’s activities through his wife. Therefore, she is not considered a suitable…

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  1. It was absolute treason to allow these Muslims to come to Sweden. Anyone with any common sense at all knew this would eventually happen and here it is!


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