Likud Minister Says US Will Never Attack a ‘Nuclear Iran’, Israel May Have to Act Alone – Report


While no actual steps have been implemented to bring the 2015 nuclear deal back to life under the new US administration so far, israel has continued to raise concerns about Iran’s alleged plans of developing a nuke, which Tehran has strongly denied and dismissed as efforts to target the country.

Israeli settlement affairs minister Tzachi Hanegbi believes that the United States will not target the alleged nuclear facilities in Iran and israel will have to either accept that fact, or “act independently” in order to tackle it, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

“The United States will never attack the nuclear facilities in Iran. Israel must decide whether it will accept a nuclear Iran,” Hanegbi said, as quoted by the newspaper. “Israel will be forced to act independently to remove this danger.”

Hanegbi’s comments come as the Biden administration signals its readiness to discuss with allies plans for talks with Iran, including the possibility of expanding the 2015 nuclear deal, or JCPOA. Tehran has said that any progress in reviving the agreement depended on the practical steps of Washington, including the lifting of sanctions. 

According to Hanegbi, Iran has also demonstrated a “very limited” capacity to take retaliatory action against Israel, including airstrikes on alleged Iranian-linked military facilities in Syria and its promise to take revenge for the assassination of prominent nuclear physician Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, for…

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