Prof: Norway May Become Battlefield for Russia-US Standoff as American Bombers Tipped for Deployment

Tormod Heier, a professor at the Norwegian Defence College, has argued that the US is in a new Cold War with Russia and that Norway, as an important part of the US advanced defence in the High North, is actively involved in this superpower struggle.

Four American B-1B Lancer bombers will be deployed on Ørland in February, the Dutch aviation magazine Scramble reported, without disclosing the reasons for this move.

The head of communications at the Norwegian Air Force, Stine Barclay Gaasland, would neither confirm nor deny the reports.

“Operational deployments, force dispositions and future activities are not commented on, nor are other nations’ plans,” Barclay Gaasland told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Nor would the US Air Force, citing the need to maintain operational safety.

US strategic command units conduct regular training with and in support of Geographic Combatant Commands. USSTRATCOM Bomber Task Force missions help maintain global stability and security, while enabling units to become familiar with operations in different regions,” the Air Force told NRK.

Tormod Heier, a professor at the Norwegian Defence College, argued that this follows a familiar pattern he has seen in recent years.

Heier added that Norway plays an important part in the US advanced defence in the High North due to its proximity to what the US fears most in a crisis situation: the Russian nuclear forces.

Ole Jørgen Maaø, an associate professor at the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy,…

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