New Delhi Blast Outside Israeli Embassy Reportedly Prompts Mossad Involvement

A small bomb detonated just outside the building of the Israeli diplomatic mission in India on Friday, blowing the windows out of nearby cars but leading to no victims or injuries. Both Indian and Israeli officials have described the attempted attack as related to terrorism.

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is taking part in a probe reviewing the low-intensity bomb explosion which occurred on Friday evening in New Delhi, just outside the Israeli Embassy, according to a Saturday report by Kan News. The spy agency is said to be probing the possible involvement of other nationals in the attack, which Israeli officials describe as likely to be terrorists.

Reports from Israeli media have been suggesting that Iran could have been behind the explosion that took no lives and caused no injuries, but has damaged the vehicles parked outside. The blast occurred as India and israel were celebrating the 29-year anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic ties.

According to Israel’s envoy to India Ron Malka, the failed explosion had come as unsurprising, as the Embassy has been receiving “threats” and was preparing for possible attacks.

When asked whether he can point to an Iranian trace in the incident, as Tehran was previously blamed for a 2012 bomb attack on an Israeli diplomatic car in India’s capital, Malka stopped short from directly putting blame on the Islamic Republic:

India remains one of the biggest clients of the Israeli defence sector, stocking up on its…

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