‘Get Ready for Big Revenge’: Death Threat Note to Israeli Envoy Reportedly Found at India Blast Site

A low-intensity bomb detonated outside the building of the Israeli diplomatic mission in India on 29 January, with both Indian and Israeli officials condemning the attack, which has not resulted in any victims or injuries, as related to terrorism.

A hand-written letter reportedly containing a death threat has been discovered at the scene of an explosion outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi last week, warning the ambassador, Ron Malka, that he could be attacked at any time, according to Israel’s Channel 13 news.

​The peppered with grammatical errors handwritten note in English, claiming to be from the previously unknown “India Hizbollah,” group, according to the report, referred to Malka as a “terrorist of the terrorist nation.” The report featured a photo of the letter, which stated that Malka was “in their crosshairs”, and “we can end your life anytime anywhere.”

Whoever wrote the letter also implied they were averse to spilling “innocent blood”, while seeking to destroy Malka, and declaring that all “participants and partners” of Israeli “terrorist ideology will be no more in existence”.

The death threat also warned to “get ready for a big and better revenge for our heroes.”
Before it concluded by pronouncing : “All that is left is for you to count the days,” the note offered a list of perceived “martyrs”.

The first name on the ‘list’ was that of Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)…

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