Ahead of Trip to IDF Long-Range Strike HQ, Gantz Warns Israel Can’t Rule Out Attack on Nuclear Iran

Middle East

On Sunday, Israeli Defence Minister and alternating Prime Minister Benny Gantz paid a visit to Depth Corps, the highly secretive israel Defence Force (IDF) command charged with carrying out extraterritorial operations beyond Israel’s borders and deep inside enemy territory.

Benny Gantz has warned that Tel Aviv continues to reserve the right to resort to military action against Iran over the country’s alleged nuclear ambitions.

“I hope that it doesn’t come to that,” the defence minister and Blue and White Party leader added, while suggesting that Tehran’s “support of terrorism, of Hezbollah and of the Houthis demands action.”

israel has a clear objective: that Iran not be nuclear. It is not just an Israeli interest. It is first and foremost a global and regional interest,” Gantz suggested. “A nuclear Iran would lead to a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East. The regime is fundamentalist and radical and ultimately wants to obtain nuclear capability not just to have it, but primarily for the leverage it would give them in nuclear deterrence,” he added.

The defence minister did not comment on Israel’s own stockpile of nuclear weapons, currently the only one in the region and believed to number dozens of warheads delivery systems including an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching almost anywhere in the world.

The interview with Alghad was broadcast Sunday…

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