Palestinian Leader Abbas Might be Challenged in Upcoming Polls But He’ll Win The Race – PLO Official

Abbas cannot be blamed for all Palestinian problems, such as the ongoing “Israeli occupation” or the inner divisions between factions, says a senior PLO official. But a poll finds that the public is dissatisfied with his performance and more than 65 percent want him to relinquish power.

With the Palestinian presidential race only half a year away, Fatah, the party that rules the West Bank, has already declared that its current leader President Mahmoud Abbas will be its sole candidate in the upcoming elections.

But Elias Zananiri, a Ramallah-based PLO senior member, says that although no other member of Fatah is expected to announce their bid to compete with Abbas, the president himself hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Abbas to Win the Race

Abbas is expected to take a final decision in the upcoming months, and if he does end up joining the race, Zananiri is “confident” that he will win it.

However, a recent poll conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research found that 66 percent of Palestinians wanted to see Abbas leave office, while 55 percent said the PA was a burden on the people, not an achievement.

In many ways, it makes sense. Abbas can hardly be the only person responsible for not putting an end to the inner divisions among Palestinians like the one that still exists between Fatah and Hamas, whose relations gave a serious crack following the violent takeover of the Gaza Strip by the militants of the Islamic group in 2007.

Nor can he bear sole…

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