Mummies With Gold Tongue-Shaped Amulets Found in Ancient Temple Amid Quest for Cleopatra’s Tomb

Excavations at the Temple of Taposiris Magna, about 45 kilometers to the west of Alexandria, have been headed by Dominican lawyer Kathleen Martínez, who is convinced Cleopatra’s tomb might be found there, as only a small fraction of the vast site has been explored.

A spate of remarkable new finds have been revealed by the Egyptian-Dominican mission of Santo Domingo University, headed by Dr. Kathleen Martinez, during archaeological excavations at the Tabosiris Magna Temple in western Alexandria, Egypt,  according to the officials of the mission and the administration of the Alexandria Antiquities Zone.

​16 stone-carved burials carved into the rock, in the style of wall burial openings, were uncovered in the process, and despite several mummies purportedly in a poor state of preservation, the discovered artefacts all bear testimony to the typical characteristics of mummification in Greco-Roman antiquity. The great temple, of which only the impressive outside walls remain today, was once a key cult centre of the gods Osiris and Isis.

Archaeological finds discovered on site have shown that the temple of Taposiris Magna had a unique combination of both Egyptian and Greek temple architecture.

Mummies and Amulets

Tongue-shaped gold foil amulets had been placed in the mouths of the discovered mummies, in a ritual believed to ensure that the deceased be able to speak in the other world. Two mummies were also found to have preserved the remains of scrolls and parts of the…

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