What does BJP or its leadership know of Army honour or grace of national flag: Capt

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Saturday termed as “reprehensible” BJP leader Tarun Chugh’s remark on his Army background.

“What does the BJP or its leadership know of the Army honour or the grace of the national flag, in which the bodies of our Punjabi brothers come wrapped from the borders every second day?” he asked Chugh.

The BJP national general secretary on Friday had alleged that the Punjab CM was “insulting” his Army background and the grace of Republic Day by supporting “farmers” who “insulted” the national flag during a tractor parade at the Red Fort in Delhi.

“We in Punjab know the pain of seeing the bodies of our sons and brothers coming home every second day, wrapped in the national flag. The BJP clearly has no empathy or sensitivity towards the soldiers losing their lives to protect India’s honour and integrity. Neither Chugh nor his party could relate to the anguish of those very soldiers on seeing their farmer fathers and brothers being beaten up and tear-gassed while fighting for their rights,” Amarinder said in a statement.

Amarinder slammed Chugh for “deliberately spreading lies” on an issue relating to the honour of the brave Indian soldiers fighting for the safety and security of the nation at the borders. Lambasting Chugh over his remarks on the ‘Republic Day grace’, he said the BJP, which had systematically “ripped” the Constitutional fabric apart over the past six years and most notably…

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