Mysterious and Spooky — The Biden Family and its Dodgy Dealings

From Ukrainian oligarchs and Chinese tycoons to neo-Nazi street-fighters and a former ‘Exalted Cyclops’ of the Ku Klux Klan, US President Joe Biden and his already-infamous son have some interesting friends.

US President Joe Biden may feel secure after his inauguration — protected by 25,000 troops and swathes of bullet-proof glass — but the skeletons in his closet aren’t going away.

Thursday’s revelation that Biden warned his brother Frank: “For Christ’s sake, watch yourself,” in case his election campaign was successful speaks of a family with something to hide, even if website Politico’s source tried to brush it off as only half-serious.

Former president Donald Trump was not shy of accusing what he dubbed the “Biden crime family” of all kinds of dodgy dealings — and even being an agent of a foreign power. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives went as far as to impeach Trump just for asking Ukraine’s president to probe them.

But what is the substance of the many allegations against the new president and his clan?

China Crisis

Trump’s election claim that Biden was a real-life Manchurian Candidate gained credence this week when several leading Congress Republicans urged the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden centre to disclose its links to China. Since the centre was set up in 2017, Chinese funding to the university increased more than three-fold from $21 million in the preceding three years to $72 million to date. 

A letter from representatives…

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